Quanta Storage Manufacturing services include CM, ODM, EMS, JDM, and specializes in:

  • Storage Device (SSD, External HDD/SSD/ODD, Mobile Disk, …)
  • Storage System (NAS, SAN, disk/flash Array, JBOD, RAID, …)
  • Computer Peripheral (Fast IO hub/docking/adaptor, …)
  • IoT related product (IP Cam, sensor and functional modules, …)

Professional, Advanced, Perfect Holistic Service

Quanta has years of professional experience and the most advanced R & D and manufacturing capabilities, that will meet client demands and provide the best comprehensive customized services.

  • Project Planning

    Quanta teams will provide the best solutions in accordance with customer needs. Depending on client requirements at different stages, Quanta will provide the best services at competitive cost structures, so that clients can enjoy the most comprehensive and complete services with the most benefits.
  • Product Development

    Through our professionalism and innovative R & D capabilities, we can complete development of client products in the shortest time possible and proceed on to mass production stages.
  • Technical Service

    Comprised of professional experts in their respective fields, the R & D teams possess strong R & D and technological capabilities and can provide clients with timely and effective designs and technical support. Our technical support scope includes the entire Product Lifecycle to provide our clients with support in every step of the lifecycle.
  • Design Service

    From product positioning, choosing of material color, material quality and design (CML), product functions, choosing of components, exterior packaging, mass production criteria, to production processes, Quanta teams has the best professionals who will integrate aesthetics and innovative technologies to.
  • Mechanism Engineering

    Through analytical results of the structure, heat flow, mold flow, optics, noise, and reverse engineering, the product designer is advised of improvements to product while subsequent mass production processes are optimized.
  • Electrical Engineering

    Norms and Certification of various electrical analysis, simulation tests, circuit boards, compatibility tests, reliability tests.
  • Logistics Management

    Has good partnership relations with upstream and downstream suppliers and companies. Experienced in supply chain management, we have the ability to provide professional Material Requirements Planning, ensuring the related components are under comprehensive management and will be stored and supplied in a timely fashion.
  • Repair and Maintenance

    The Maintenance and Service Department has the professional technical skills and advanced repair equipment to provide repair and maintenance services in a efficient manner, ensuring client aftersales and repair services.

R&D, Manufacturing, QA Service = A One-Stop Total Solution

A One-Stop Total Solution

Production and Service from Own Factory

  • Industrial Design

    Product Design

    UX/UI Design

  • Mold Design

    Mold Design / Making

    Confidentiality for Mold Design

    Variety of state-of-the-art CNC tool machines

    Robust processing technical team

  • Metal Pressing Parts

    Precision metal Stamping

    Progress Tooling & Single Operation Die available

    Variety of presses to meet customer's demand

  • Plastic Injection Parts

    Robust processing technical team

    Variety of state-of-the-art plastic Injection Machines

  • SMT Assembly

    Flexible SMT line setup meeting customer request

    Precision SMT and Under Fill/Edge Bounding process

    Quality monitoring by SPI, AOI, 3D X-ray and PCBA reliability lab

    MES/SFC IT system in place

  • Product Assembly & Testing

    Highly train staff for product assembly and test system/fixture process design

    Automation product assembly

    Skillful engineer onsite for testing / debug

    MES/SFC IT system in place

  • Box Build

    Experienced Industry Engineering Team to fulfill customer dynamic packing and CTO shipment requirement within 24 hours