The Big Data Era is Here

QSI has dedicated years of R & D to the development of optical drive storage devices, and has won the recognition of several international companies. Starting out from the storage devices, QSI made a bold decision in 2012 to invest in the R & D of Solid State Drive (SSD) to herald the era of social media and big data.

Enterprises and Data Center SSD Research and Development

Cloud based computing and big data requires the use of large Data Centers while data storage and backup is the key, in addition to efficiency and resource distribution, for Data Centers built upon Servers. Although Hard Disk Drives represent the mainstream of data storage for Data Centers, to handle Big Data, the SSD which possesses high input/output speeds, low power consumption, shock-resistance, is set to take over the role of the Hard Disk Drive.

In addition to ordinary consumers' SSD, QSI has also dedicated resources to developing enterprise grade SSDs. Based on the normal SSD, the support server requires: Low Latency, High Speed IOPS, Great Consistency, High Endurance and Power Loss Protection etc. Not only will it be offered in SATA 3 interface, QSI will also develop enterprise grade SSDs featuring PCI Express Interface for added Data Center solutions.

QSI will continue to invest in the R & D of production technologies to provide clients with the best storage devices and services.